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A frightful Halloween

I suppose the following story might be attributed to “2020”, the craziest year on record. It certainly places my scenario in the right context. No doubt, the final months of this wacky year will prove to be the most challenging.

It began on Halloween. There were no tricks or treats, but it was kind of scary. As the sun went down and ghosts and goblins took to the streets, Lori took me the emergency room at Kaiser. They didn’t have any candy to hand out, but they did give me a nice gown to wear and some interesting narcotics to share. After many hours in the ER, they offered me a spacious suite on the 4th floor with a nice view.

Seriously, over the next 6 days, the staff did a great job of helping manage my pain and run a series of tests to validate their assumption. The bottom line…I was diagnosed with cancer that originated in my left kidney and metastasized in my right lung. They set me up with a palliative care team to help me manage the pain and an oncology team who will work with me over the next several months to shrink the cancer through chemotherapy.

In all this, I am extremely blessed. My family is close by and through this process, have become closer to each other. Lori is on family leave and able to care for me 24/7. She is doing an amazing job of orchestrating the many moving parts and keeping it all fine-tuned. She must have really meant it 28 years ago when she accepted me “…in sickness and in health.” Yep, I’m blessed!

This THANKSGIVING, as always, I thank God for my family and dearest friends. There is nothing I value more.

I pray that we all make the remainder of our 2020 special by living as we were taught…“In all circumstances give thanks, for this is the will of God for you in Christ Jesus.” Thessalonians 5-18

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1 Comment

Jun 21, 2021

Dear Hank I am so sorry that u r going thru all this i addition to dealing with chemotherapy treatments. I am so glad they provided u with a port (which I happen to be familiar with). I continue my daily prayers for u. Hang in their Hank with God’s love and blessings. Ur friend Riah

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