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Always finding a way to be prayerful, thankful, and grateful

On December 3, 2020, my husband, Hank Evers, ventured into the unknown with terminal cancer and an overwhelming desire to share his journey by way of this blog. When I look back through the titles of his posts and recall or reread the content, I realize just how much prayer, laughter, love, tears, and hope have been shared between you and my dear Hank over such a difficult, and not nearly long enough period of time.

All of you have been such a bright light and source of happiness since the inception of his blog. I am eternally grateful for the way YOU; my husband’s dear family, friends and prayer warriors have partnered with him during his journey. It has meant everything! Your comments of encouragement gave him hope. People known and unknown to him professing their gratitude for his spirit, gave him strength. With his style of humor and his way with words, he was evangelizing to all in a way that was relatable and admired; eagerly accepting his role and always giving God the glory for using him in this way.

Hank would love nothing more than to continue to blog. It brought him such joy to maintain and create each post of this blog. I honestly miss watching the way he would “light up” during the process. The cancer and its pain have progressed significantly at this point. Additionally, the neuropathy brought on by the most recent chemotherapy drug has rendered him unable to type, text or simply hold a phone without dropping it. Large doses of powerful drugs designed to bring him as much comfort as possible are heaven sent, but unfortunately come with their own set of side effects. Side effects which now preclude him from communicating in a way he and the rest of us have become accustomed.

Going forward updates on Hank’s condition will be provided on a CaringBridge site only. I will communicate updates to a dear friend who will take my tired and random thoughts and bring them to life in a way you all can understand, and Hank deserves. Please find the first update by clicking this link to Hank’s CaringBridge site: Hank | CaringBridge

Please know, even when he’s writhing in pain, Hank finds a way to be prayerful, thankful, grateful … and positively Hank. God bless this sweet man.

May God bless each of you as you have blessed us.


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