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"I do" on Zoom

Lori and I were married the day after Thanksgiving in 1992. That timing always seemed appropriate, especially as Lori gave me the greatest gift for which I will remain forever grateful. More than ever I wanted to express my heartfelt gratitude. Especially for keeping her promise to care for me in sickness as well as in health.

For a while, it seemed like 2020, with its pandemic and my health prognosis, was winning. No Eucharistic celebration, no restaurant dining, no family gathering. Unable to surprise her, I felt diminished. But only briefly.

My feeling of inadequacy was short-lived. Mid-day, I had an epiphany…Zoom to the rescue! I reached out to a dear friend of mine, Father Matt Munoz who shared my enthusiasm to preside over Lori’s and my marriage vows and blessing. Thanks to Zoom, we were able to have all of our kids and grandkids attend.

With God all things are possible – Matthew 19:26

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