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A full-blown case of being full blown :)

One month to the day after being admitted to the hospital, I met with my oncologist for a complete summary of the numerous tests, scans, and the lung biopsy. It was now his time to explain and illustrate where the cancer started, how it spread, how far it spread and how we might deal with this prognosis. I am still amazed at how quickly my body succumbed to cancer and, as a result, how my life and the lives of those around me have changed.

The name of my unwanted guest is urothelial cancer. Unlike most cancers that metastasize through lymph nodes, this type spread from my kidney to my lungs through my blood. I was told that the best treatment is chemotherapy; two types. If my body accepts these, I will receive 4 rounds, after which I will begin immunotherapy. Our hope is that this will stop the growth and spread, and potentially shrink the tumors.

I have a meeting scheduled for tomorrow, December 8, the Feast of the Immaculate Conception, with the oncology team. They will explain the chemotherapy process and schedule my first round within a day or two. Since they allocated 90 minutes for this initial meeting, there will likely be more explaining than I presently imagine. Always something to look forward to…

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