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What I want to share with you is especially important to me. And yet I have never felt as inept or at a loss for the right words.

Over the past several weeks I have received heartfelt concern and encouraging words from my extended family, friends, neighbors, and even people I never met. Cards, letters, and emails with beautiful sentiments and prayers lifting me up help make the most difficult days and challenging minutes bearable. I cherish these notes and every word in them. Like the Grinch whose heart grew 3 sizes, there are times when mine feels like it could explode. And yet, the only words I can come up with are “Thank you?” That seems so inadequate!

If only you could see, from the very depth of my heart, there is a sense of gratitude so great as to be palpable. This is what I want to give you. Especially now, as we celebrate the birth of Our Lord and look to the New Year with hope.


· On Christmas Eve I had a PET scan. The results of which I should soon receive.

· My second chemo cycle starts on Monday, January 4.

Wishing you a happy, healthy, and holy end of year!

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